About Fred & Nicola

How we met

Fred met Nicola back in November 2003, and avoided her for 6 months. They met through Nicola’s cousin Daniel, who was bandmates with Fred.

They eventually started their relationship on June 6th, on a sunday afternoon, after band practice… and have been happy ever since

Moving in together

We started looking for our first home in 2006, but at the time Fred was still at University and funds were tight, all the houses we saw were far out of our budget. We knew about some recently new 2 up 2 down flats near to Fred’s parents house, but none were available. It wasn’t until January 2007, after our 3rd christmas together that one of the flats did become available.

We viewed the flat and it was perfect, a little on the small side, but a perfect first home for us to make our own.

We got the keys on February 4th 2007, and with help from our families, moved into our first home.

Our dads painted the walls and our mums gave it the homely touch, and with very kind gifts from you all, we made it our perfect home. Thank you all so much!! We really couldn’t have done it without you!!

Our Engagement

It was September 2007 and Fred had ordered Nicolas engagement ring and was planning on proposing in Florida later in the year. It’s a white gold and diamond affair with a beautiful clarity and cut.

Fred goes to pick up the ring he ordered weeks previously, and its perfect, and he now cant wait to make Nicola his fiancee.

With a mini box of her favourite chocs in one hand and the other holding the beautiful box containing the ring, he gets down on one knee in their home, and Nicola crys with delight!!

On September 4th 2007 (at around about 10:20pm), exactly 7 months since they set up home!!

Our Wedding

We got married at the Village Hotel, Ashton Moss, on June 6th 2009 and celebrated the day with 80 day guests and over 150 evening guests.

We themed the wedding with black, white, red and disney which ran through our invites, table plan, cake & outfits.

Nicola wore a Justin Alexander dress from ‘The Big Day’ in ivory and Fred wore a black morning suit with red tie from ‘Perfect Fit’.

Fred had 2 best men, who wore matching morning suits in black and ivory and Nicola had 4 bridesmaids, who wore black mid length dresses with ivory sashes and 2 pageboys who wore black and ivory and all looked amazing.