Freebie: Kitchen Conversion Chart Printable

Recently I was baking and came across an American recipe that called for sticks of butter and cups of ingredients. Usually I plod along and use cups but this recipe was so confusing that I eventually had to convert it to grams and milliliters so I felt a little more comfortable. So, my kitchen conversion chart was born and im offering it for FREE download.


  • FREE to download
  • Temperature, cups and spoons & American cups to grams and milliliters
  • Print at home and put in your kitchen, mine is attached to the inside of my baking cupboard
  • Available in different colours

To download the zip from dropbox press the download button and save a copy to your computer. Included in the zip file are a few different files for you.

  • fredandnicola-conversion-blue.pdf
    Blue version
  • fredandnicola-conversion-green.pdf
    Green version
  • fredandnicola-conversion-grey.pdf
    Grey version
  • fredandnicola-conversion-orange.pdf
    Orange version
  • fredandnicola-conversion-pink.pdf
    Pink version
  • fredandnicola-conversion-purple.pdf
    Purple version

Terms of use

Please link to this page if you want to share this PDF, you can share the PDF by using the share buttons at the top and bottom of the page. Please do not distribute the PDF directly, and please do not pass this off as your own, its taken a lot of time and effort and we would appreciate it if we could keep it free by sharing. Thank you!